GOVERN is a niche advisory and research center specialising in economic and corporate governance in emerging markets generally and in the Middle East and North Africa specifically. We work alongside decision makers to create legal and regulatory policies as well as construct institutions that promote business integrity, corporate governance and support the competitiveness of the region’s economies and firms.


We conduct research and provide specialist advice on corporate and economic governance to stock exchanges, securities regulators, Central Banks, Ministries of economy and finance and other regulators in the region. Leveraging our regulatory expertise, we advise executives and boards of leading listed, family and state-owned companies as they embark on restructuring their governance and strategy. Based our regulatory and corporate experience, we work with local and foreign institutional investors in the region.


We are a team of senior practitioners and academics with experience in leading securities regulators, stock exchanges, financial sector organisations, international organisations motivated by supporting economies and firms. Our experience developing policies for regulators and implementing them for corporates is complementary and gives us the flexibility to create teams of professionals with targeted governance, financial and economic experience.


With a decade long advisory and research experience in the Middle East and North Africa, we have also spent decades working on corporate governance in other emerging markets as well as in Europe and North America. We are thinkers with a multi-disciplinary background, allowing us to transcend preconceived solutions and develop concepts and policy solutions suitable to the region’s corporate culture.


Operating internationally, we collaborate regionally, offering knowledge to our regional as well as international partners and clients. We generate ideas and institutional capacity to support the economic transition that the region is experiencing. Our broad base of clients and sponsors allows us to retain a critical eye on the region’s economic challenges and priorities.