Our Expertise for Corporations

As the regulatory requirements and awareness of the importance of good governance is growing in the region, so is the need for well-informed and designed advice on governance. Responding to this emerging demand, we support boards of private and publicly-listed companies in the design and optimisation of governance procedures. Our support could range from punctual interventions such as briefings to boards or board evaluations to longer term engagements such as the preparation of companies for IPOs. Examples of services provided to our corporate clients include the following:


  • Conducting general corporate governance assessments
  • Benchmarking of governance practices to peer companies
  • Reviewing and designing corporate governance frameworks
  • Reviewing and optimising risk management processes
  • Advising on corporate disclosure policies and investor communication
  • Providing briefings for and training for board members
  • Structuring governance for group companies and joint ventures
  • Introducing specific governance protocols at financial institutions
  • Assisting or facilitating the conduct of board evaluations


For references and examples of work with corporate clients, please contact us directly.