Our Expertise for Institutional Investors

The rise of institutional investment has redefined the structure of financial markets globally. In some emerging markets and notably in the Middle East and North Africa, it has been less rapid with the result that retail investors still dominate trading activity in most countries. Sovereign investors and family offices are the largest institutional investors in the region and other types of investors such as mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies have also expanded their ownership in equity markets.


Leveraging its custom database of institutional investors in the region, GOVERN serves a number of leading sovereign and private institutional investors in the following areas:


  • Integrating governance benchmarks in the investment process
  • Carrying out engagements on behalf of investors
  • Training investment managers on corporate governance
  • Developing voting policies and other internal governance protocols
  • Advising on voting decisions of importance
  • Carrying out custom governance research on portfolios
  • Supporting co-ordination with major investors regarding crucial decision
  • Representing funds on boards of their investee companies
  • Performing specific services such as governance audits for private equity investors