Our Expertise for Regulators and Ministries

Establishing transparent and effective frameworks of governance for sectoral regulators and government departments is an emerging prerogative in the region as governments are re-thinking the scope of the public sector and establishing sectoral and other regulators (competition, anti-corruption, state audit bodies and other) to oversee the activity of the public and the private sector.


GOVERN has collaborated with Ministries of Finance and Economy as well as sectoral and other regulators in the region in the effort to establish effective laws and regulations for the oversight of specific aspects of corporate conduct and governance performance and efficiency.


We can assist with the establishment of sectoral or specialised regulators, corporatisation of enterprises, and establishment of frameworks for oversight for government controlled companies. Our services are targeted to the type of Ministry or government department and can include setting up and reviewing governance and strategic frameworks for a range of financial and non-financial sectors.


For further information on our services to sovereign investors and government controlled companies, refer to our offering to Sovereign Investors and State-Owned Enterprises.