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13.06.2018: As the environmental, social and governance investing is growing in its significance worldwide, our Managing Director writes in the Ethical Boardroom Magazine on challenges in ESG investing. The piece called ESG Investing: Truths, Half-Truths and Lies was published earlier this month.




22.05.2019: Following the scandals surrounding Nissan-Renault, Air France-KLM and ENI, we have begun a research project on the role of the state in corporate governance of which the first opinion piece was published on 22 April in the CFA’s Enterprising Investor. GOVERN will be collecting data on the extent and impact of state ownership in emerging markets to determine its impact on corporate governance.




08.05.2019: GOVERN has been invited to contribute to the United Nations ESCWA organized expert seminar “From plan to implementation for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals: Budgeting in support of effective institutions" held on 7-8 May in Beirut, Lebanon.




28.03.2019 : An opinion piece titled Dinosaur governance in the age of unicorns on corporate governance arrangements needed to support the growth of unicorns and technology companies, authored by GOVERN’s Managing Director Alissa Amico was published today in the Ethical Boardroom.



25.03.2019: GOVERN is pleased to announce its services to support board effectiveness in private, listed and state-owned enterprises, leveraging our experience working in emerging markets. Our services for corporate boards include  conducting board evaluations, supporting communications by the board, establishing board governance frameworks, supporting board oversight of risk and compliance functions, among others.



22.03.2019 : GOVERN is delighted to announce is training and education programme for board members and senior executives. A sample curriculum of a course targeted to board secretaries is available here and individual course outlines can be requested from the Center.




15.03.2019 : GOVERN is pleased to contribute another op-ed on the emerging challenge of governing artificial intelligence applications which we consider the next frontier in the international governance debate. The article, called the AI Governance Challenge appeared on March 16 in Project Syndicate (translations into several languages available).




13.03. 2019 : GOVERN’s Managing Director Alissa Amico was invited to address the Emerging Market Committee of the World Federation of Exchanges, held on 14 March in London to discuss the WFE report on what exchanges can do to attract quality domestic and foreign institutional investment in their markets.




10.03. 2019 : GOVERN’s Managing Director Alissa Amico was invited to address the World Exchange Summit, held in Beirut on 26-27 February, giving a keynote address to the regulators on fundamentals of transparent market infrastructure and moderating a roundtable on the transition of stock exchanges from state-owned to private models.



18.02.2019 : GOVERN’s Managing Director Alissa Amico publishes her views on the roles and responsibilities of institutional investors in protecting the environment, following discussions on climate change in Davos, in the Harvard Corporate Governance Blog. The article, entitled Investing in the Environment, is accessible here.




15.12. 2018 : GOVERN’s Managing Director Alissa Amico publishes her views on the governance of high tech companies Dinosaur Governance in the Age of Unicorns in the Harvard Blog on Corporate Governance, subsequently reflected in another piece How to Govern Unicorns based on an interview with Ms. Amico in the Wall Street Journal.



10.12. 2018 : GOVERN was invited to participate and speak at the annual conference of the Forum of the Americas held in Toronto on 10-12 December 2018, featuring a number of prominent Canadian and international policymakers and businessmen.




05.12. 2018 : GOVERN has delivered a training workshop  on corporate governance to a group of senior executives and board members in Mexico City, in collaboration with one of the largest universities in the country and the London Stock Exchange.





26. 10.18 GOVERN was invited to present its views on an international panel at the annual conference of the Indian Institute of Directors annual conference in London, launching a collaboration between the two organisations.




04.10. 2018 : GOVERN's Managing Director Alissa Amico was delighted to deliver a keynote address at the annual corporate governance conference organised by The Qatar Financial Markets Authority, opening the conference alongside Nasser Al Shibi, CEO of the Authority. The conference was widely reported in the media and was attended by over 400 participants.



11.08. 2018 : GOVERN is pleased to present its contributions to the coverage of the Abraaj corporate governance story which appeared in the Financial Times  "Abraaj Woes Put Gulf's Corporate Governance Under Spotlight"  on 31 July 2018, followed by a second piece in the Wall Street Journal "Once Billed as Financial Heaven, Dubai Turns Investors Wary" which appeared on 2 August 2018.



11.07.2018 : GOVERN is pleased to announce the launch of its regional report "Corporate Governance of Banks in the Middle East and North Africa: in Support of Stability and Trust" at a regional conference organised by the Institute of Finance and Governance and the Union of Arab Banks on 11 July in Beirut. The recommendations and conclusions of the report are available here. To request a full copy of the report please contact inquiries@govern.center




15.04.2018 : GOVERN is looking to recruit a summer intern to assist the Center with its research and advisory activities. Qualified candidates are kindly asked to apply to inquiries @ govern . center with a copy of their CV and any relevant writing samples. Qualified candidates must have some familiarity with corporate governance, finance and emerging markets.




07.04.2018 : We are delighted to announce the forthcoming presentation by Alissa Amico at the TEDx event to be held on Saturday, 19 of May in London. In times of uncertainty and seemingly endless possibilities, the topic of this event - ‘What Next’ - will aim to provide a glimpse into the future. Stay tuned for further details and purchase your tickets at https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/27978.




01.04.2018 : GOVERN is pleased to be supporting the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its quest to implement the Saudi 2030 Strategy by transforming the structure of economic governance in the Kingdom. Our Managing Director will be moderating a panel on governance and long-term investment at the forthcoming Governance in Focus conference co-hosted by Saudi Aramco and the Pearl Initiative on 25 April in Riyadh.



19.02.2018 : GOVERN has been invited to contribute to the annual World Exchange Congress taking place in Oman on 27-28 February 2018 and bringing together exchange executives from all over the world. This year's congress is hosted by the Muscat Securities Market, having previously been hosted in other capitals, including London, Istanbul and Dubai.





17.11.2017 : In collaboration with Standard and Poors, GOVERN held its third corporate governance webcast of the year focusing on capital market and corporate governance developments in Kuwait. A replay of the webcast is available here. Background reports and materials for the webcast can be consulted here.




15.11.2017 : GOVERN is delivering a training workshop on corporate governance to the Arab securities regulators in collaboration with the Union of Securities Authorities and the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority on 20-21 December in Dubai. Please contact us to apply to participate.



05.11.2017 : GOVERN  is pleased to announce the release of a Flagship Report on the state of GCC boardrooms and their effectiveness which was commissioned by  the GCC BDI. The report titled, Board Effectiveness Review: A Decade of Change in GCC Boardrooms, was unveiled by the GCC BDI at its Chairman's Summit in Saudi Arabia.




01.11.2017 : GOVERN is pleased to release a Flagship Report on Corporate Governance in Lebanon: Advancing the Status Quo based on a survey disseminated to the corporate sector across the country.  The report was disseminated by the Institute of Finance and Governance which commissioned the report at a high level workshop under held on 31 October in Beirut under the patronage of the Prime Minister.



15.09.2017 : GOVERN is convening a high level workshop on Investment Attractiveness and Transparency of the Egyptian Capital Market hosted by the EGID in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The workshop will take place in Cairo in November and will gather policymakers, investors and donors. Participation by invitation only.



13.09.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico invited to participate and conduct a capacity-building session on the governance of foundations to the Arab Foundations Forum at its annual meeting in Beirut, Lebanon.  The objective is to support the introduction of stronger governance in Middle East-based foundations.



14.08.2017 : GOVERN publishes a new op-ed A Regulatory Race To the Bottom? in Project Syndicate commenting on the UK FCA proposal to modify regulatory standards for listing of state-owned enterprises in the London Stock Exchange Premium listing tier.



01.07.2017 : GOVERN is collaborating with the World Bank in conducting research on the role of women on boards in the Arab World in order to collect and present structured empirical evidence on the impact of female participation on corporate governance and financial performance.



30.06.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico participated in the IOSCO Growth and Emerging Markets Committee Corporate Governance Dialogue with Investors organised on 30 June in London. The objective of the meeting was to discuss IOSCO's recent report on strengthening corporate governance in emerging market jurisdictions.



01.06.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico contributes to a new book on Combining Political And Economic Development in the MENA region, edited by Professor Giacomo Luciani on "The Role of Arab States as Shareholders: Origins and Consequences". The book can be accessed on: https://poldev.revues.org/2239



24.05.2017 : GOVERN and Standard and Poors Global Ratings has organised its second webcast on corporate governance in the MENA region, focusing on Saudi Arabia considering the recent introduction of a new corporate governance code in the Kingdom. Webcast replay can be accesed at http://ratings-events.standardandpoors.com/content/EMEA_2017_RT_SPwebcast_May



15.05.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico is invited to address, alongside key financial market experts, the MENA Securities Forum  held in Abu Dhabi 15-16 May on issues related to  the development and governance of Sovereign Wealth Funds.




16.04.2017 : GOVERN contributes to the annual conference of the Arab Federation of Exchanges held on 15-16 April in Beirut on issues relating to the opening of the Saudi capital market and the challenges of launching SME markets in the region.  The conference agenda can be accessed here.



07.04.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico publishes an opinion piece on corporate governance of Saudi Aramco ahead of its announced IPO in Project Syndicate. The article is available in English, Arabic and other languages here.




12.03.2017 : Managing Director Alissa Amico represents GOVERN in the Second Corporate Governance Forum organised by the Union of Arab Securities Authorities and the Arab Monetary Fund in association with the OECD, the IFC and GCC BDI held on 8-9 March in Abu Dhabi.



20.02.2017 : GOVERN's Managing Director Alissa Amico publishes an article in the Journal of International Development Policy "Arab States as Shareholders: Origins and Consequences" which appeared in a dedicated volume on  Combining Political and Economic Development in MENA edited by Giacomo Luciani.



13.02.2017 : GOVERN  has published an op-ed on the Promise of Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds in Project Syndicate which was later translated and published by the French newspaper La Tribune here.





13.02.2017 : GOVERN  was invited to participate in the Institute of International Finance Annual MENA Summit hosted by the DIFC by invitation only on 13-14 February in Dubai, alongside regulators, CEOs and senior management of banks and central bankers from the region. GOVERN was represented by its Managing Director.



06.02.2017 : In collaboration with Standard and Poors, GOVERN held its first corporate governance webcast on the role of institutional investors in promoting good governance in the Middle East and North Africa in which investors, asset managers, exchanges and securities regulators participated.  A replay of the webcast is available here.




23.01.2017 : GOVERN is pleased to announce the launch of a new report on the Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance, based on a unique analysis of the ownership structured of 600 largest listed companies in the Middle East and North Africa Region. The full copy of the report can be accessed here.




22.01.2017 : GOVERN is pleased to announce its collaboration with Standard  and Poors on a series of capital markets and corporate governance webcasts to be delivered throughout 2017. The first webcast on February 6 will be focusing on the role of institutional investors in promoting good governance in the Middle East and North Africa. To register, please contact us.




15.01.2017 : GOVERN has delivered a presentation on the development of the Egyptian capital market to the management of the Dubai Financial Services Authority and NASDAQ Dubai on January 15. The exchange and the regulator are looking at mechanisms to deepen collaboration with their Egyptian counterparts, the EGX and the EFSA.




02.12.2016 : GOVERN has concluded a two day high-level seminar on  the future of the Egyptian capital market held under the patronage of the Minister of Investment of Egypt in New York which focused on  promoting institutional investment and listings of high growth firms. Press release can be accessed here.




26.10.2016 : Saafah Foundation, a Saudi transparency NGO announces its transparency award winners in Riyadh. GOVERN was solicited to develop corporate governance case studies on the two winners, Ma'aden and Savola.  Copies can be obtained from Saafah or GOVERN.




25.09.16 : GOVERN is taking part in the expert workshop on Enforcing Competition Law in the Arab Region organised in Beirut by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission on Western Asia https://www.unescwa.org/events/supporting-2030-agenda-enforcing-competition-policy-arab-region



19.10.16 : GOVERN is speaking at a workshop organised by the Moroccan Institute of Directors and hosted by the Casablanca Stock Exchange (Bourse de Casablanca) on the role of institutional investors as stewards based on its recent research on institutional investment trends in the MENA region. The workshop also saw the release of a report to which GOVERN has contributed.



25.09.16 : GOVERN is pleased to announce the launch of Proxy Watch Arabia, a weekly newsletter of regional and international shareholder value developed in collaboration with the leading governance news provider, the Global Proxy Watch. The newsletter will be available free of charge for GOVERN clients and partners for two months starting 1 October.




21.09.16 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of GOVERN, gives a keynote address at the Middle East Investor Relations Association Annual Conference in Dubai on 21 September, 2016 on the importance of institutional investors for the investor relations profession in the Middle East.




20.09.16 : GOVERN is pleased to support the Euromoney Egypt and Kuwait conferences taking place on 19-20 and 27 September, in Cairo and Kuwait City respectively. For further information, please consult http://www.euromoneyconferences.com.




05.09.2016 : GOVERN is pleased to announce the publication of a feature article Who Owns Corporate Governance in the Middle East? authored by Alissa Amico in the Ethical Boardroom Magazine. The article is publicly accessible at the following address:

https://issuu.com/ethicalboardroom/docs/ethical_boardroom_summer_2016_editi?e=14762375/38266263 (page 20).



15.08.2016 : GOVERN is delighted to announce its partnership with the Global Proxy Watch, a leading global corporate governance and shareholder news provider, to develop knowledge for its regulatory and corporate clients in the Middle East and North Africa.  The Proxy Watch Arabia is unique weekly providing succinct, relevant and at-a-glance news, research and events on corporate governance and shareholder value, covering developments internationally and in the region. More here




05.08.2016 : GOVERN is pleased to launch its collaboration with Saafah, a transparency NGO based in Saudi Arabia on the development of case studies on the winners of its Transparency Award. The case studies will be finalised this fall and will be presented at the award ceremony in Riyadh.





22.07.2016 : GOVERN is pleased to announce its collaboration with the GCC Board of Directors Institute on the development of its Board Effectiveness Report which will track board composition and effectiveness trends over ten years in the Gulf countries. The report, based on a survey of GCC board members, is due to be out by the end of the year.






10.06.2016 : GOVERN has developed a repository of all 39 corporate governance codes in the region, included for listed, private and state-owned companies as well as for specific sectors such as banking and insurance. For a full list of codes and guidelines in vigour, please click here





31.05.2016 : GOVERN is proud to supporting the Lebanon Euromoney Conference taking place 31 of May in Beirut. For more information, please refer to: http://www.euromoneyconferences.com/lebanon.html






13.05.2016 : Following the announcement of the Saudi 2030 strategy and related revisions of capital market regulations, GOVERN Managing Director was invited to moderate a panel on capital markets and to speak on corporate governance developments at a Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Seminar held 9-10 May in Riyadh.  GOVERN was also on the advisory board for the Seminar, hosted by the Saudi Institute of Finance and organised by Thomson Reuters. For additional details, please refer to: http://info.risk.thomsonreuters.com/8th-CAML-seminar-Home




11.04.2016 :  GOVERN is pleased to announce the release of a new working paper exploring the Role of Institutional Investors in the Egyptian Capital Market authored by Maged Shawky, Vice Chairman of Beltone Financial Holding and Alissa Amico, Managing Director of GOVERN. The paper analyses institutional investor participation in the EGX and provides recommendations to enhance it.





03.04.2016 :  Govern has launched a new project with the Egyptian Exchange and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority to facilitate listings of growth companies. Our team is in Cairo this week meeting with the government, listed companies, as well as representatives of legal, accounting professions and financial market participants. In collaboration with the Egyptian Private Equity Association, we are organising a roundtable on facilitating the exit by private equity funds on the EGX on 5 April.




28.03.2016 :  In the GCC, Kuwait and Oman have revised their codes of corporate governance in 2015 and introduced novel requirements for listed companies and also for financial intermediaries. GOVERN has recently completed a benchmarking of GCC governance codes with a particular focus on board composition and responsibilities and has developed a programme of briefings for boards and executives on compliance with national corporate governance requirements. Please contact us for further information.



21.03.2016 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of Govern, has published an opinion piece in the CFA Blog  entitled "Is Privatization in the Future of GCC Countries?"






11.03.2016 : Govern is  proud to be featured in  Global Proxy Watch where it was mentioned that "Govern has been launched to offer corporate governance advice and research in the Middle East and North Africa. Founder Alissa Amico left the OECD at the end of 2015 after 11 years as head of its MENA governance work".





01.03.2016 : Govern is pleased to announce its partnership with Euromoney Conferences for the upcoming events in the Middle East and North Africa. Further details will be announced for each upcoming conference.







23.02.2016 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of Govern was interviewed by the Bahrain News Agency during her participation as a guest speaker at the  5th Euromoney GCC Financial Forum. Read the full article.







29.01.2016 : The Gulf Today published an article entitled "Strong governance to boost resilience of Mena economies" about Alissa Amico's report  for the World Economic Forum’s MENA Regional Business Council on  Corporate Governance for Competitiveness in the Middle East and North Africa . Read the full article.





25.01.2016 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of Govern, has recently spoken at the 10th GCC Regulators Summit in Abu Dhabi about capital markets, corporate governance and institutional investment.





20.01.2016 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of Govern, has published , at the request of Crescent Enterprises, a report for the World Economic Forum’s MENA Regional Business Council on  Corporate Governance for Competitiveness in the Middle East and North Africa. Read the full report.





04.03.2015 : Alissa Amico, Managing Director of Govern, has published a piece in the Washington Post entitled "The “invisible hand” of the state in MENA economies"  and highlighting the  state-driven capitalism currently underway in the MENA region. Read the full article.