Our Expertise for Non-for-profit Organisations

A number of our partners in the region are non-for-profit so it is natural for us to work with and advise on governance models for non-for-profit organisations and foundations as well as educational establishments. In many of the region’s countries, notably in the Gulf, the laws regulating the establishment of NGOs have been amended recently and private foundations are growing in their number and scope of work as the needs for humanitarian, economic, education and other assistance and leadership in the region are growing and being recognised.


GOVERN collaborates with transparency and governance NGOs on projects of common interest and provides services to other NGOs such as hospitals and universities on how to establish effective governance frameworks. Our offering to NGOs includes:


  • Providing NGOs  with an assessment of their governance framework
  • Carrying out market and stakeholder research to support strategy formulation
  • Addressing governance concerns in sectors with public duty obligations
  • Designing reporting and delegation of authority frameworks
  • Advising on disclosure and communication with donors and stakeholders
  • Providing briefings and facilitating education of board members


For further information on services to NGOs and our partnerships with leading regional NGOs, please contact us.