Independent advisory and research capabilities

GOVERN was launched in 2015 as an independent advisory and research Center at the demand and with the objective of supporting government and private sector leaders to enhance the efficiency of public and private sector governance. The Center supports the economic growth of emergent market economies through the implementation of world class, international corporate and economic governance standards.


Collaborative operation model

Determined to avoid duplicating efforts, the Center collaborates with a range of stakeholders, partners and clients, producing custom research and advice for regulators, investors and corporate clients on specific issues of concern. Through a solid network of national partners including corporate governance centers, institutes of directors and not-for-profit organisations we have a nuanced and up-to-date picture of market and regulatory developments in each of the markets we operate.


Seamless network of senior practitioners

We operate in a seamless virtual network through Senior Advisors based in France, the UK, the US, as well as across the Middle East and North African which is mobilised based on required expertise. Among our Senior Advisors are former heads of stock exchanges, securities regulators and academics recognised for their extensive contribution to the field of corporate governance, financial economics and public sector optimisation. Through our extensive network of global regulatory bodies and governments, we are able to mobilise practical expertise and facilitate the sharing of experience among governments.


New generation think-tank

GOVERN is a new generation Center which considers its unique asset to be its experts and its relationships with key decision makers in the region which are continuously cultivated. While some of our projects are conducted to the benefit of non-for profit organisations, we also provide expertise based on practical experience with leading international standard setters, securities regulators, exchanges and boards of leading blue chip companies in Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Unique regional footprint

GOVERN is the only governance research and advisory center working across the Middle East and North Africa region. Over the past decade, our experts have contributed to and led the development of international corporate governance standards and national corporate governance rules and regulations. We are proud to have been solicited in the development of capital markets and governance regulations in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.