Proxy Watch Arabia is an exclusive, unique weekly newsletter providing at-a-glance insight and insider views on corporate governance and shareholder value developments for clients in the Middle East and North Africa.


Proxy Watch Arabia is addressed to regulators, stock exchanges, institutional investors, asset managers and other financial market participants. It also offers valuable analysis for board members, corporate secretaries, management, governance, risk, audit and compliance officers by providing them with the latest developments and linking them to regional and global debates and peers.


Developed jointly by GOVERN, the Economic and Corporate Governance center, and Global Proxy Watch, the leading global corporate governance news provider, this weekly publication is the only independent source of governance and shareholder news in the Arab world, covering global as well as regional market developments.


Subscriptions to Proxy Watch Arabia are available for both individual and corporate clients. To subscribe, please contact To submit news items (corporate news, events and research) to be considered in Proxy Watch Arabia, please contact