Our Expertise for Securities Regulators

Over the past decade, securities regulators in the MENA region and other emerging markets have developed their capacities remarkably. Securities regulators play a primordial role in setting and enforcing governance rules for listed companies. Most corporate governance codes in the Middle East and North Africa were developed by or at the behest of capital market authorities.


We have worked extensively with securities regulators across the region and continue to offer our expertise to regulators both on demand and in collaboration with leading regional organisations such as the Union of Arab Securities Authorities.


In each of our engagements, the scope of services is adapted to the specific needs of our clients and can include the following:


  • Setting up internal governance protocols for regulators
  • Drafting and revising corporate governance codes and related regulations
  • Providing input in the design of technical rules for supervision of listed companies
  • Developing standards and practices of oversight of market intermediaries
  • Reviewing and developing regulations on market integrity rules
  • Facilitating consultations with market participants
  • Convening expert meetings on behalf of regulators with experts and peers
  • Developing research to support the development of policy options.


GOVERN has collaborated with all securities regulators in the region and its experts have led and advised several securities authorities in the region. To ensure the relevance of our advice, we collaborate with recognised regional and international law firms and seek input of market participants and listed firms