Our Expertise for Sovereign Investors and State-owned Entreprises

Governance of sovereign assets has emerged as a priority in the Arab world for a variety of reasons with the privatisation of assets, as a result of fiscal crises and calls for enhanced stewardship and transparency of public assets. Several countries in the region and internationally have introduced codes and specific governance and oversight guidelines for state-owned companies and individual firms have also been revising their internal governance frameworks and policies.


GOVERN’s managing director has initiated the first regional project on state-ownership in the MENA region in 2007 which has since worked with state audit bodies, ministries of finance and economy, sovereign wealth funds and government companies on structuring better systems of oversight of state investments. We have accompanied governments, their sovereign wealth funds and state companies in a number of projects and are available to deploy our expertise to support:


  • Structuring of government oversight frameworks for SOEs
  • Developing board appointment, disclosure and other policies for SWFs/state
  • Conducting corporate governance assessments and benchmarking of SOEs
  • Developing corporate governance frameworks for SOEs
  • Providing training to directors on good governance practices
  • Supporting sovereign funds in the development of voting policies
  • Supporting sovereign funds in specific engagements
  • Providing inputs in fiscal optimisation and debt reduction strategies