Our Expertise for Stock Exchanges

The history of the development of MENA exchanges is nothing short of fascinating: from nationalisations, to privatisations to opening to foreign investment. A number of stock exchanges in the region are undergoing significant transitions in terms of restructuring their ownership, opening to foreign investment, increasing the diversity of traded instruments and yet they also face common challenges such as low liquidity, listings and volatility.


GOVERN collaborates with stock exchanges in the region and industry associations such as the Arab Federation of Exchanges and the Federation of Euro-Asian Exchanges. Its experts have in the past consulted and led projects for some of the largest and most progressive exchanges in the region and globally on a range of issues including:


  • Developing of listing rules and related regulations for listed companies
  • Segregating of duties between exchanges and securities regulators
  • Establishing disclosure platforms and systems for listed companies
  • Establishing regulations and platforms to support investor relations
  • Supporting ownership restructuring of exchanges
  • Developing solutions for attracting listings and liquidity
  • Supporting research and roadshows of exchanges
  • Developing regulations for market participants